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Tesla Motors was more than happy to mention throughout a teleconference revealing the upgrade today, that makes the Model S P100D the third-quickest production automobile in history, gone beyond just by the Ferrari LaFerrari and the Porsche 918 Spyder. Amongst vehicles presently in production, it’s connected with the Porsche 911 Turbo S for the title of quickest worldwide. The brand-new 100 kWh battery likewise offers the Model S an approximated 315 miles of driving variety per the Environmental Protection Agency, making it the longest-range mass-produced electrical automobile ever made and the very first to go beyond 300 miles.

Musk mentioned that P100D production would be restricted at the start, keeping in mind that the production intricacy of the 100 kWh battery pack is considerably higher than the existing 90 kWh pack. “It gets greatly more difficult to increase energy density,” Musk stated. He approximated preliminary production at 200 batteries each week.

” You have actually got a seven-seater SUV that can beat a McLaren F1,” Musk stated. “That’s nuts.”.

Tesla’s fastest-accelerating design simply got even much faster. Thanks to a larger battery, the brand-new leading pet dog in the Tesla lineup is the Design S P100D, which, when geared up with Ridiculous Mode, will rocket from zero to 60 in simply 2.5 seconds.

( Update: As readers have actually explained, the Tesla Roadster with the Version 3.0 battery upgrade attains 345 miles of variety. Nevertheless, because that’s a $30,000 upgrade to an automobile that is no more produced, we have problem considering it a “mass-produced car.”).

The P100D drivetrain will likewise be offered on the Design X. Geared up with the optional Ridiculous Mode, the Design X will do zero to 60 in 2.9 seconds, with approximately 289 miles of driving variety. Yes, that makes the Design X P100D the world’s quickest SUV, a title it takes from the previous record holder, the Design X P90D.

Tesla clients who are waiting for shipment of a P90D with Ridiculous Mode can update their order to P100D specification for $10,000. Owners of existing P90D designs can bring their automobiles to a Tesla filling station to be updated to P100D specification, though the swap will cost them $20,000 to represent recycling the old battery.

Musk specified that there were no updates concerning a production date for the long-anticipated $35,000 Model 3.

” I believe it’s rather a turning point that the fastest vehicle on the planet, of any kind, is electrical,” Tesla CEO Elon Musk stated throughout the teleconference revealing the automobile. “I believe this is actually going to send out the message that sustainable transportation is here to remain.”.

Musk discussed that the specific battery cells are the very same, however cooling and assistance structures have actually been greatly customized. The external sizes and shape of the battery pack are the same, enabling battery upgrades for owners of existing P90D designs.